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My very special garden

I am April and this is my garden. It is a very special place. I hope you like it. Come in and relax.

This is my very own very special flower that my very special friends Nicky and J sent to me. Thank you for my very special gift.

Gardens and plants and flowers

Ness botanical gardens
It is a tour of the Ness gardens
A very special garden that you can help with
Xrays of flowers
Some really neat pictures
The butterfly habitat garden
A very special garden just for butterflies
Very neat pictures of plants and things in the valley I live in

My very special friend Miss Alazzia sent me this special flower. it will grow soon. just watch it grow.

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
Send a Spirit Flower!

people have stopped and smelled the roses

The song is Red Is The Rose. It is an old Irish song.