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galapagos tortoise

they live in dry warm areas of the galapagos islands in the pacific ocean they are endangered species there are 14 kinds of them they are vegetarians. that means they don't eat meat they like to eat prickly pear cactus and fruits and ferns and plants and bushes sometimes they live up to 150 years old sometimes lots older they are one of the biggest land turtles they have a green brown hard shell that can be 5 feet long the man can weigh 500 pounds and the woman can weigh 250 pounds tehy lay about 15 eggs in dry sand

scientists help to protect the galapagos tortoises from being extinct by breeding them and protecting them in special pens for five years then they take them back to the island

this did be my flower with my little baby dragon who did can be looking like a tortoise on it that my friends nicky and j did give to me!!!! yayayayayayay

all about galapagos tortoises

virtual galapagos
it has a movie of a galapagos tortoise eating
galapagos tortoises on alcedo
alcedo is that big volcano on the galapgos island
story from the news
about galapagos tortoises being evacuated because of alcedo
birthday cake for harriet
this did be a cake they maked for harriets 167 birthday
two pictures from the san diego zoo of galapagos tortoises
galapgos tortoises at the los angeles zoo
a story from the lady who takes care of the galapagos tortoises at the los angeles zoo
this did be a close picture of a galapagos tortoise
this did be a closer picture of a galapagos tortoise
galapagos islands visit
this did be lots of pictures from galapagos islands
a lady feeding a galapagos tortoise
virtual safari
real good stuffs about the galapagos tortoises

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this did be my nother flower that miss alazzia did send to me!!!!!! it did be good!!!! she did be a nice lady!!!