Hi. Welcome to my site. I have been learning how to do alot more with the computer so with a little bit of help I have made this site all over again. I hope you like it. Have fun!!! Please remember to sign my guestbook too.

Nick and J sent me this. Thank you guys!!!!

A museum of natural history
History helps us to learn about ourselves

A really yucky site :)
This place is really cool to look at

The Discovery Channel

This site has alot of cool stuff

Shoulder muscles
A cool way to learn about the muscles in your shoulders and how they get used

Kids web
This is really cool. Check it out

Real time experiments
Alot of cool things to do

Childrens museum
Really cool

California academy of science
This is really cool to check out

Hands on childrens museum
Lots of cool stuff here

Dome of the sky
An online observatory and planetarium

The griffith observatory
This is the Griffiths observatorys page. It's really cool

Kids Space
This is NASAs site for kids

Interactive weather maps
Weather is very interesting

A Pooh page
Cool links and a special treat :)

Bat stuff
All kinds of bat links and cool stuff and galapagos tortoises

Richie's volcano page
Under construction

Lyndsay's page

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
Send a Spirit Flower!

Thank you Alazzia for my new spirit flower. it is real cool. i can't wait to see how the flowers will look. :)

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My dolphin and ocean creatures page

This is a page all about dolphins and other sea animals and fish. it's real cool. be sure to check out the link to the amazon river dolphins. they are pink and are real smart and friendly

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